Saturday, April 11, 2015

Earth Day Kid's Activities

Are you ready for Earth Day on April 22nd? Do you need some videos, books, songs, and activities for Earth Day?  I have rounded up the following resources to make your planning easier.  Enjoy!

This is a cute song from Patty Shukla. Don't forget to subscribe to her channel while you are there.

The next video is from Reading Rainbow. Levar Burton shows what happens to all of the things we recycle. Wow!  This one is fantastic! Give your children a clipboard with post-it-notes or notebook to write down interesting facts as they watch the video.  They can draw pictures, write words, or both to record their thinking. Use their recordings to build an anchor chart or list of how things are recycled.

This video is from D-rop (drop of water) explaining reduce, reuse, recycle.  Cute and engaging for children.

Need an uplifting, catchy song for your children to sing? I've used this one with my children for a few years. Love, love, love!  They can learn the same motions as the children and even draw their own back ground posters to hold up as they sing. This would be a great way to share information with other classes by putting on a performance show.

You've gotta love Harry's Kindergarten and all of his videos. He has two on his YouTube channel that would be great for Earth Day.

This one adds in some movement too.  I call that a win-win video.

Here are some great books about recycling for Earth Day.   Many of these have a kindle version.  If you have a kindle or an iPad, you can use these books to display on a projector or put in a folder for independent reading and research. The kindle version is usually at a reduced price.

The first book has a preview to show what it is about. I included the link to it on Amazon (affiliate link below). I like how it gives examples of what it does "not" mean to be going green.


Here is the book version link:
What Does It Mean To Be Green? Book Version

Here is a link to Pre-K Pages blog. She has a cute song about recycling and other book suggestions.

Here are some links to free products on Teachers Pay Teachers that would work great with your Earth Day theme.

Earth Day Book
Earth Day Emergent Reader
Earth Day Fold and Snip Book
Earth Day Adapted Song Book

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Earth Day!

Photo credit: Dollar Photo Club - WavebreakMediaMicro