Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine's Day Songs on YouTube

Valentine's Day is on its way!  It's time for writing cards and sharing with friends.  Here are some fun Valentine's Day videos and songs to make your day more fun along with some activity suggestions for teaching rhyming words, sight words, following directions, and story problems. Don't forget to sign up by email in the top right corner of my blog to receive more ideas for having fun while learning too.

The first video is by Jack Hartmann.  Need I say more? Boogie! Shake! Cha cha! Monkey! Have fun dancing with your children.


This cute song is sung to the tune of Bingo. Listen and follow the directions.  FUN!

Valentine colors are everywhere! Work on the color sight words at the same time.  Also, can your children find the words that rhyme?  Can they say a word that rhymes with the colors of the valentines?

Who doesn't love this next song? My own children loved singing this song except we kept singing it faster and faster!  Let your children act out the motions too.

Five Little Hearts is great for counting and using for story problems.  Can your children make up their own version to this song?  Call 5 children up to the front and give them a red heart.  Let them act out the song.  Or give each child 5 hearts.  They can hold up the hearts in order just like the song.

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Video credit:  Dollar Photo Club (Chasing Moments)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Subitizing with Stickers

Subitizing is crucial for children to develop number sense. Subitizing is the ability to know the amount in the set without counting. It's an instant recognition.  Compare it to learning sight words.  It is instant recognition of the total. Our young children need many opportunities with counting objects in many arrangements to master this skill.

Here is a fun way to work on subtilizing using foam or raised stickers. The children can touch/feel/count and also practice on subitizing.  I used 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper and large heart sticks found at the Dollar Tree for these cards.  You can also use laminated card stock or 4x6 index cards.

I first arranged the stickers into dice configurations and let the children practice telling me what they saw.  "What do you see?" is an open-ended question which allows the children to work on their own level and encourages higher-level mathematical thinking.  Let's look at the arrangement in the picture above.  Some children will recognize there are 6.  Some children will see 3 + 3= 6.

I also make subitizing cards using two different colors.  Children can work on many different levels this way.  Some children will be counting the set to know that is has 5 hearts.  Some children will be working on subitizing or "knowing" there are 5 hearts without counting.   Some children will begin to see that 5 can be a set of 2 and 3 as show below with the 2 different number combinations.

Materials needed:

  • Paper
  • Stickers

Easy, peasy!  Lots of learning happening!

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