Sunday, November 16, 2014

Reading With Your Child

Today was a cold and snowy evening as I sat down to blog.  I knew what I wanted to write, had pictures ready to post, when my phone lit up with a text from my daughter.  As I glanced down at my phone, I saw a snapshot into their lives today.  Texting and pictures are nothing out of the ordinary.  We text pictures back and forth every day.  Happy pictures, throwing a fit pictures, milestone reaching pictures, new tooth pictures, good night pictures.  I look forward to these pictures of my grandchildren.  I love being part of their lives and getting frequent updates in between our treasured Nana K times together.  But today's picture was so special to me.

In today's world of blogging, there are so many blogs that share insight or advice about being a parent or teaching children.  Most start with numbers.  5 things all parents should know. . .  10 ways to raise your child . . .  25 ways to get your child to . . . 7 easy ways to get your child ready for kindergarten. The lists go on and on about what to do or not to do with your child.  There are funny blogs sharing glimpses into the not so glamorous moments of parenting.  There are serious blogs that share the dangers or ramifications of our choices with our children.  There are viral posts that remind us that our babies will one day grow up in a blink of an eye and to cherish the time that we have. I know all about these blogs as my daughter shares her favorites with me.  Some make me laugh, some make me tear up, and some make me tell my daughter that only she can make the choices that are right for her child. Blogs and books are just glimpses into the lives of others and what worked for them.  Being a parent is rewarding, exhausting, fun, gut-wrenching, or as a I tell her, a "roller coaster" of emotions.  But oh what a miraculous ride it is.  Sometimes you will get it right.  Sometimes you will wish you had made better choices or decisions.  I know because I've been there.

So when she sent me this picture of a very special moment shared between a father and his child, it stopped me straight in my tracks of blogging.  What I was going to say didn't seem as important.  I knew my focus now.  I knew what to say.  As I looked at my precious 8-month-old granddaughter mesmerized with Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See, I smiled and was reminded of one of my favorite quotes by Emilie Buchwald.  "Children are made readers in the laps of their parents."

I could go on and on and give lists of what to do to get children to read.  I could give ideas on how to make the reading experience enjoyable for both parents and children.  I could make a list for teachers about the importance of read alouds.  Instead, I will just leave you with this picture and a reminder of what helps young children to become readers more than anything.  Parents make a difference.  It all begins with you.  Small moments shared together cuddled up with a book will do more to prepare your child for a lifetime of reading than any picture on Pinterest or suggestion from a blog.

To my daughter and son-in-law:  You're doing it right.  Breathe, enjoy our little M, and read on.

Nana K is very proud.


  1. This is so sweet, and a great reminder!

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