Sunday, October 26, 2014

Monsters Math and Literacy Activities

Monsters can be funny, silly, and educational too.  Here is a fun twist on Five Little Monkeys.  It teaches counting, one-to-one correspondence, addition, subtraction, cardinality, and number sense too!

As always, nursery rhymes, chants, and poems are powerful literacy tools too.  Remember to sign up by email in the top right corner, so you don't miss any blog posts.  

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  • Cut the 10 pipe cleaners in half.
  • You need 4 - 1/2 size pipe cleaners for each monster.
  • Fold the smaller pipe cleaners in half.
  • Twist together.
  • Glue pom pom onto twisted pipe cleaner.
  • Glue onto the front of a clothespin.
  • Add googly eye.
  • Ready to play!


  • Lay a piece of large scrap paper, plastic table cloth, or copy machine lid on table.
  • Children use dot markers to paint their beds.
  • Let dry.
  • Ready to play!

Use the prop to teach literacy, fine motor, and math skills just like in The Five Monkeys.

After the children learn the chant (download FREE printable for words), give them opportunities to play using the prop in the traditional manner.  Then use the prop for listening and following directions.
  • Put 1 monster on the bed.
  • Take 1monster off the bed.
  • Put 3 monsters on the bed.
  • Take 2 monsters off the bed.
  • Take the 1st monster off the bed.
  • There are 5 monsters on the bed.  
    • How many do you need to take off so there are only 2 monsters still on the bed.
No time to make the monsters?   I have included a FREE printable with friendly paper monsters to use along with a reading book, math printables, and literacy tips for reading the book.   CLICK HERE.

Here are some of my favorite, fun monster books.

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