Saturday, September 6, 2014

Circle Time Games

GRAB YOUR STUDENTS' ATTENTION! NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT - I FOUND THEM at the Dollar Tree!  Yes, that is an unusual way to start a post.  But if you have attended my sessions on games in the classrooms, then you know that I post updates when I find new grabbers.  I usually find them at Michael's, Toys R Us, and Target during seasonal times of the year (Halloween, Christmas, Easter).  This time . . . THE DOLLAR TREE!

Here are 20 ways to use these grabbers in your classroom.  If you need a visual you can watch the video on this post when I was a guest on a local television news show.

  1. Play follow the directions game using 1, 2, 3 or 4 step directions. 
  2. Spell your name. K (squeeze left grabber) a (squeeze right grabber) t (squeeze left grabber) h (squeeze right grabber) y (squeeze left grabber) and then pass to the person on the left.  Play continues until everyone has a turn.
  3. Count the syllables in your name. Ka (squeeze left grabber) thy (squeeze right grabber)
  4. Blend compound words. sun (squeeze left grabber) shine (squeeze right grabber) sunshine (squeeze left and right at the same time)
  5. Spell your word wall words. Refer to #2
  6. Segment phonemes in words. cat (squeeze both at the same time) "c" (squeeze left grabber) "a" (squeeze right grabber) "t" (squeeze left grabber) Pass to the person on the  left and continue around the circle.
  7. Blend phonemes into a word. "d" (squeeze left grabber) "o" (squeeze right grabber) "g"    (squeeze left grabber) dog (squeeze both together)
  8. Delete the first phoneme.
  9. Substitute the first phoneme.
  10. Do math combinations:  5+5=10
  11. Skip count by 2's.
  12. Count to 5.  
  13. Count to 10.
  14. Count backwards from 5.
  15. Count backwards from 10.
  16. Pattern games. Squeeze left out, squeeze right up, squeeze left out, squeeze right up
  17. Practice phonics' patterns. ay (squeeze both together) "a" (squeeze )  
  18. Say your letters and sounds. b (squeeze left) says "b" (squeeze right)
  19. Place value.
  20. Practice learning left and right.
Now go find those grabbers at the Dollar Tree and have FUN while teaching!

Thanks for stopping by!

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