Thursday, September 25, 2014

Take A Closer Look at September Blog Hop

Hi everyone! 

Remember our blog hop last month before the big BTS sale? 
The one where 10 of us gave a freebie sample of our best sellers?? 

Well, we are at it again! This time, we are offering up a freebie sample of our favorite September product! 

So that means I have to name a favorite product for September.  Hmmm! Since many of you are teaching about fall and apples, I am sharing a sample of my Apples Reading Fluency for Little Learners.  If you are not familiar with my blog, here is the most important thing you should know.  I love using songs to teach reading.  I make up songs all.the.time - for everything.  Procedures - Phonemic Awareness - Phonics - Sight Words - Reading Strategies - Writing Strategies - Math . . .  And then I use those songs to teach literacy skills.

Why?  Because these songs become meaningful print for students to make connections.  Singing helps increase oral fluency, which in turns helps build reading fluency.  Singing the words takes away the "fear factor" when encountering new texts.  If they can sing it, they can be supported in reading it.

My FREEBIE is a copy of the predictable text words to the song to use in a literacy center, during guided reading, or as homework.  The predictable text helps support emerging readers.  Parents enjoy hearing their children sing the song, and it engages them too. Have your students color the apples to match the text.  They can also underline the color words with markers or crayons to match.  Throw in an apple pointer for tracking the print, and they are ready to go!

Here is a sneak peek at "Take a Bite" which is included my Apple Reading Fluency for Little Learners.  I just finished recording a mini-video to go with the song that can be played on a computer and also added an mp4 file to use on an iPad.  And for those who DON'T have tech, the packet contains the printable book in many different sizes, a pocket chart activity, and the mp3 song to play the music too.   

My students receive a fluency folder at the first of the year that contains songs to use as a warm up for guided reading.  These fluency folders stay in their reading boxes to use when reading independently, with a friend, or during small group instruction. When it is time for guided reading, they get their book boxes, and pull out their fluency folder.  They read their songs and poems along with familiar text.  They know to get started right away and not waste time.  They have a mission.  We are readers.  We are building our stamina.  We are building fluency.

My students also use these song sheets to play "What do you notice?"  This activity is differentiated for students.  Some children may notice individual letters.  Some children may notice that many of the words "match." Some children may notice a familiar sight word.  Some children may notice a phonics pattern (silent e in bite).  Have your students highlight what they notice to help them read the text.  Here is a quick glance at what else is this packet.

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  1. I am so excited about this Kathy! Your whole pack looks amazing. Thank you for the free sample! This will be so fun to do with my students. Love the video that goes with it too. :)