Friday, August 15, 2014

Pete the Cat Fun Theme Activities

Raise your hand if you read Pete the Cat books and do many "Pete" activities at the first of school. I do!!!  This is a fun way to end an author study (Eric Litwin and James Dean) on Pete the Cat books the first week of school.

Which Pete the Cat book is my FAVORITE?  Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes! It is a wonderful first mentor text for helping children learn about speech bubbles, rhythm, predictable text, sequencing, and the author's purpose for writing the story (moral).

Disclosure:  Amazon links provided for your convenience.

Since I've posted so many activities to go along with Pete the Cat books on my blog (read to the end for links), my friends and colleagues know that I am a HUGE fan.  Enter the shoe above.  My friend Kathleen who lives many, many miles away from me sent me a text with a picture of a piñata shoe that she found at TARGET.  Hold on until the end of this post before you head there :)

Kathleen was brainstorming ways to use it with her students.  So what do teachers do best?  They collaborate!   Kathleen, Vanessa at PreK Pages, and I began planning.  Keep reading for links to my other posts, free printable, and  PreK Pages Where's Pete game.  

Now Vanessa was SAD because she couldn't find the shoe at her Target (mine had 6).  I cheered her up by coming up with a way for her to make her own Pete the Cat Piñata out a box.  I started out with a cereal box but ended up choosing the Swifter box since it was wider. 

Step 1:  Draw a black line on one side of the box to use as a guide.

Step 2:  Cut on the black line.

Step 3:  Hole punch the sides.  Make sure you go down far enough for it to be sturdy.  Measure where your holes are on each side so they match.

Step 4:  Open up the bottom of the box and remove the tabs as shown above.  This will make it easier for the students to open up the piñata when they hit it.

Step 5:  Use painter's tape or duck tape to cover the box.  It took me about 5 minutes to wrap the tape around it.  I just taped one layer with blue painters tape since the cardboard is sturdy.

Step 6:  To keep the tape from sticking to the top of the shoe (underneath side), I cut a strip of white construction paper and taped it underneath the top where the hole punches are.

Step 7:  Use shoe string to lace your shoes or I used some white elastic loom bands to tie through mine.  You use what you have at your house :)

Step 8:  Insert your piñata prizes, and tape shut with Scotch tape.  You can use stronger tape if you choose, but the Scotch tape worked fine for me.  I taped it 4 times across the bottom, and it took about 7 swings to get the bottom to fall open.  Tie a string around the middle bands so you can hang it.  You also have the option of taping it shut with a string and having someone pull the bottom open instead.

Here are some FREE printables to use as wrist bands in your piñata for an alternative to candy.  There are many different versions to fit the needs of PreK, Kindergarten, 1st grade, preschool, and home schoolers too.  Print them on white paper for your students to color or print them on different colored paper.  The children can also draw pictures to sequence the story.  Tape the wrist band around your students arm as a prompt for sharing their fun day with their families.  There is also an "Ask me about my day" band too. I use my crinkle-cut shape scissors to cut out the wrist bands.

So what do you want to do now?  Head over to PREK PAGES for the Where's Pete School Tour and recipe. (Mmmmm!)  She has a cute sequencing printable for you to use too.

Here are links to my other Pete the Cat activity posts.  Have FUN!

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  1. I am unable to download all the Pete wristbands. I can only get the Pre-K one. What's up? Am I doing something wrong? I get a "Whoops" message.

    1. Did you download them or just view them? Are you on a mobile device or a computer? Sometimes on mobile devices, you just see the first page which is the PreK page. Find the download icon on your device and click there. I just clicked on the link from 2 different computers and was able to download the 11 pages. If you are on a computer, click on the link again. Once you click on the link it will bring up the file, but you still need to click on download. If you can't get it to work, email me at, and I will email them directly to you. Thanks for visiting my blog.