Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Following Directions Activities with Pete the Cat

It's Back-to-School time again.  Are you ready?  The first day of school can be challenging as teachers help their students learn the routines of the day. Teaching our young students to follow directions and build their listening stamina is crucial.  I always say, "If they're not listening, they're not learning."  Early childhood teachers need many activities to teach listening and following directions.  And if you are a parent or grandparent visiting my blog, you can do this at home too!

Pete the Cat books are perfect for the first day of school.  One of my favorites is I Love My White Shoes.  I read the book to the children and introduce the character Pete the Cat.  When we are finished, I introduce a Following Directions game to my class.  This is a great way to teach them listening skills.  I begin by modeling first.

Shhh!!! Listen to Pete the Cat.
Touch your _______.
Just like that.

On the part "Just like that," the children touch the body part that is named. Once they understand the game, then they join in like this.

Shhh!!! Listen to Pete the Cat. (class)
Touch your shoulders. (teacher)
Just like that. (class says and touches shoulders 3 times to match the words)


Keep the game going by letting the students give directions and play Follow the Leader "Follow Pete the Cat." You can choose one student to be the leader or call on different children throughout the chant. Use this activity as a transition or to provide your students movement.  You can use the stuffed animal Pete the Cat for the students to hold.  The link is provided here for your convenience.

Click on Pete for the link to Amazon.
Or you make the bucket in the picture above.  The directions are at the end of the post.


Shhh!!! Listen to Pete the Cat. (class)
Touch your head. (student)
Just like that. (class)

Teach your students these motions to go with the rhyming chant.

Shhh!!! Listen to Pete the Cat.

  • Class says the words
  • Puts hand over lips on shhhh!
  • Puts hand behind ear on listen.
  • And points to whoever is "Follow Pete."

Jump 3 times.

  • Student leader chooses action and models while saying jump 3 times.

Just like that.

  • Class jumps 3 times while saying the words.
  • Motions match words.

What else can they do?

  • kick 
  • blink 
  • clap 
  • twist 
  • hop 
  • stomp 
  • march 
  • wave

Directions: I purchased the yellow trashcan and buttons from the Dollar Tree.  Cut out the face and tail on blue construction paper. Use a hot glue gun to secure the buttons, face, and tail.  You can place words or pictures in the Pete the Cat container for the leader to draw and read.

Have fun following directions with Pete the Cat.  Did you know Pete the Cat is available as a Kindle download now?  You can put the Kindle app on your iPad and display it through a digital projector.  I'm very pumped about that!



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