Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Getting Rid of the Wiggles, a Book Study, and a FREEBIE

Classroom management and dealing with student behavior is an crucial part of every teacher's day.  If your day is filled with disruptions, then teaching can be difficult.  Learning how to be proactive to your students' needs is the first step to diffusing a difficult situation.

Here are some frequently asked questions that I receive about classroom management and working with students who have challenging behaviors.

- How can I keep my students' attention during group time?
- What do I do if a student does not want to participate?
- What strategies can be used to help young children with transitions?
- What can I do when my students don't stay on task during centers?
- What strategies can I use to help my students regulate their emotions?
- How do I teach my students to stay in their place of learning?
- What do I do when my students refuse to follow the rules?
- What type of behavior management plan should I use?

Because we all struggle with these areas, I'm excited to participate in the "Challenging Behavior" book study being hosted by Vanessa at Pre-K pages and 3 other amazing bloggers.  Here are the list of bloggers participating.  Click on the "Challenging Behaviors" picture above to learn even more about this book study.

Vanessa from Pre-K Pages
Karen from Prekinders
Deborah from Teach Preschool
Mary Catherine from Fun-a-Day
Kathy (me) from Kathy Griffin's Teaching Strategies

The focused areas will cover preschool to 1st grade; however, many of the strategies and discussions will carry over to other grades.  If you are a parent, they will be helpful for you too. The book study will begin on June 23, 2014.  Make sure and follow these bloggers by email (ME TOO), so you don't miss out on any of these posts.  Whether it is August, December, or May, these discussions will provide you with many strategies for dealing with challenging behaviors.

And YOU can participate too!  Look for updates on how to join the linky and add to our discussions.  Don't have a blog?  No problem.  Just leave your comments for our bloggers in their comment sections.  If you are interested in earning graduate credit from Concordia University, click HERE.  It is not a requirement, but is available for those who are interested.

Here are the books we will be using for our study. We hope these books will be valuable resources for your classroom.

So HERE WE GO with your first strategy!  Here is a FREE song and music video from ME to help your students get ready for group time.

If you like the video, you can check out my "Listening Strategies to Get Rid of the Wiggles" packet HERE.  I just updated it on June 10, 2014.  I added 4 mini-videos, including the one on YouTube, 4  books, and listening strategies posters.

I am very excited about this book study on "Challenging Behaviors." As always, I look forward to reading your comments.


  1. My Challenging Behavior in Young Children book arrived in the mail today- let's get this party started! :)