Saturday, May 17, 2014

Let it Go: End of the Year Teacher Tips for Staying Positive

Teachers can become overwhelmed and stressed at the end of the school year. This "Bright Ideas" blog post contains a "How To List" of teacher tips to help make your end of the school year a more positive experience.

If you are feeling the demands of the job from end of the year assessing, changing grade levels, getting reassigned, adopting a new curriculum, adjusting to ever-changing standards, or dealing with a full moon, I hope you find some strategies that will help you refocus on the positive.

But just for fun let's look at some strategies that are usually suggested to help people stay calm, happy, positive, and healthy. I'm going to apply them to teachers.

I made light of the chart above, but in all honesty, I understand why we sometimes aren't as cheery as other times. After all, the end of the school year is busy, stressful, and emotional.  Sometimes that leads us down a negative spiraling path. How do I know that?  I've "been there done that."

How to Stay Positive During High Stress Situations

My youngest daughter has Down Syndrome, Type 1 Diabetes, and Celiac Disease.  Each one of these can be stressful on its own.  Put them all together on a bad day, and it can be overwhelming and isolating.  Raising a child with special needs for 21 years has taught me to not sweat the small stuff and to always try and reframe the negative into a positive.  So let's apply these same strategies that I learned from raising a child with special needs and tweak them a little for our role as teachers. 

Tessa's life can be challenging due to the medical complications of diabetes and celiac disease, especially when we prepare for transitions to new experiences and change.  But the most important thing my family has learned is:

Surround yourself with as many positive friends that you can.  That way, when the job gets overwhelming, one can be the cheerleader for the other and continue on your journey.  We just got back from Special Olympics this week.  The planning of gluten free meals, medication, and scheduling can be exhausting.  I could complain.  I could be negative.  I could say it's not worth it.  But if I reframe it, I realize very quickly that moments like these are only possible when we believe in our hearts that they are truly worth it and keep smiling. After all, I have the greatest role model below as she never complains through it all.

We have "Tessa-isms" around our house.  We keep track of her favorite words, phrases, and quotes.  She says this one to everyone, including me.  :)  She wants everyone to be happy, and she is quick to remind us to . . . "Be nice to the people."   As you finish out your school year, remember that emotions run high when we are tired.  We can overthink things.  We have enough negativity to deal with in our teaching lives from some who have never stepped into our classrooms.  Let's stand together. Remember to breathe, laugh, smile, enjoy your last days with your students, and always, always . . . 

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