Monday, March 3, 2014

Number Sense with 10 Frames

I just love teaching with 5 and 10 frames.  But sometimes I do not love all of the pieces that come with them.  That's actually how I originally designed these handy little Flip the Frames when I looked around my classroom  and found apples, pumpkins, footballs, etc.  all over my room as I was preparing math stations.

I just loaded my new set for March and am excited about them! Here are all of the choices that come with this set.  You also have a black and white option if you need to save the ink.  I laminate 5 sets and place velcro in between the individual frames.  This helps them latch to each other.  I use these for small group instruction.  They take up little space which is wonderful in the early childhood classroom.

Sample Frames for March
If you want to see how these frames work, I've given you a FREE sneak peek.  You can download my Flip the 5 and 10 Frames Button Set and let the fun begin.  There are more games and activities along with some story problems in the original sets, but the FREE Button Set will give you a chance to work and play with frames and do many of the activities.  I use the black and white option for whole group, math centers, and as homework.  Your families will are then able to see how math frames are used in the classroom.

Have fun with this FREEBIE.  Click on the picture to get your FREE download.

Use can teach counting, quantity recognition, addition, subtraction, and even place value with these frames.  The bottom right square was a 1st grade addition problem of 16 + 13.  We built both numbers with the frames, then added them together.  We grouped the tens together and then added the ones.  It's a concrete way to learn an abstract concept.

Click on the pictures to see the other Flip the 5 and 10 Frames available for your classroom.

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  1. I am excited by these and going to print out the button set to try with the kids and then I am sure I will purchase the rest. I still have some sweeties that cannot do number sense and here we are in March and I am starting to feel like I am at my wits end. As always thanks so much, I love everything you do and own several things that the kids love to work with. I have loved collaborating with you in the past and hope to get to see you again at another conference at some time in the future.
    Alicia Chapman