Friday, March 28, 2014

It's All About Spring

Who is ready for spring?  Me!!! And my house is too! The last 8 months have been an emotional roller coaster for me and cleaning my house has not been a priority.  If you follow my blog, then you know I lost my mother to cancer a few days before Christmas.  And two weeks ago, my first granddaughter was born.  Talk about a wide range of emotions to experience in a short time.  My Mom loved angels, and she would have loved the newest little addition to our family. I am sure she had the best view from heaven the day this little angel was born.

OK focus Nana K. Back to my neglected house.  My husband surprised me with a day of cleaning help.  But I needed to clean my house in order for someone to clean my house.  Does that make sense?  I had to move the junk get things in order, so the floor could be vacuumed and the furniture could be dusted.  My husband had to reschedule 3 times for me to be ready. He seriously did not understand this whole process.  But in my defense, I was a little sidetracked from holding my precious new granddaughter.  

Now that my house is clean, I have two more challenges:  Get my computer files in order and clean out my wish list on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Do you put things on your wish list?  I do.  In fact, I may have a big little hoarding problem :)  I didn't realize how many things I had put on that list until some fellow "TpT'ers" suggested we have a "clean out your wish list" party.  Surely I didn't have that many things on mine.  Guilty.  

If you are like me, then my solution/plan might help you too. 

#1.  Leave feedback on all of your purchases.  Yes!  You get TpT credits for every single feedback comment/rating that you leave, and they add up quickly.  Only about 25% of buyers leave feedback. If you are one of the ones that doesn't,  visit your "My Purchases" page. If the feedback link is blinking, click on it and fill it out. You can check your balance after each one.  I get really excited watching it build. It will be like Christmas in March!

#2.  Go through your wish list and start cleaning.  Add those items you really want/need to your cart and use your TpT credits to purchase them.  Then clean out the ones that maybe don't fit your needs anymore. Some of you may have changed grade levels.  Some things may have been on there for over a year.  My goal is to have it cleaned out by Sunday.

#3.  Check and see if the items you are purchasing are on sale. GEORGIA GROWN KIDDOS is having a Linky Party for sellers who are participating in the Spring Cleaning Sale.  Scroll on down to the bottom to see if your favorite sellers are having a sale and maybe find some "new favorites" to follow too.

In celebration of the arrival of spring and my first granddaughter, I'm joining in the party  - 20% off of everything at my store.  I will be loading my Flip the 5 and 10 Frames April pack on Saturday, possibly sooner.  Stay tuned!

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