Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Angels in Oklahoma

I wanted to share a personal story with my blogging friends today. I had 2 angels with me on Tuesday. One in heaven and one in Norman, OK. I was presenting at the Oklahoma Conference for Kindergarten and PreK Teachers Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday morning during my keynote, I realized that my diamond was missing from my wedding ring. During my next session I shared that my diamond fell out. Now teachers are just amazing. They helped me look and I retraced my steps for that morning. The whole time, I was thinking how I had just lost my Mom to cancer and now my ring. So I told my Mom that I missed her so much as I was scanning the hotel, and I really needed to find my diamond. And this angel here on earth walked up to me at the end of my first session and asked, "Is this it?" And it WAS!!! It was under her table (covered by a tablecloth) by her foot. Thank you Mom for listening and thank you to this amazing teacher who happened to glance down and see a needle in a haystack. I think I hugged her 10 times, there were tears from me, the others in the room were cheering, and I felt my Mom's presence too.  
To my Angel in Norman: I was so excited and full of emotion, I forgot to get your name.  Remember I have something for you :)

This is Kaci from Mrs. Hoffler's Spot.  We originally met through the blogging world.  We live in the same state but have only managed to see each other at conferences.  The first time was this summer at the I Teach K Conference in Vegas.  She is full of energy, ideas, and I think she is just amazing. I was so happy when I found out she was going to present at this year's Oklahoma conference.  Thank you Kaci for your friendship the last few months.  I have been so blessed to meet so many life-changing teachers at conferences and through the blogging world.  You can check out her blog HERE.

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