Saturday, February 1, 2014

10 Cold Snowmen Math, Literacy, & YouTube Video Fun

Are you snowed in? Do you need some movement? I found a cute YouTube video about a snowman melting (see below).  I made this snowman math and literacy activity to go with the 10 (or 5) Cold Snowmen  poem that I wrote.  You can use the large cards during whole group and let the children act out the poem. Then the children can build the poem as a station and also work on their math skills too.

Pass out the snowmen cards and weather card (print sun on one side and snow cloud on the other).  Have the students act out the poem.  Let them build the poem with the cards to word on reading fluency too.  There are dots under the words according to how many syllables are in each word to help with tracking. If the word has 1 syllable, touch the word 1 time.  If the word has 2 syllables, touch the word 2 times.  CLICK HERE to download it.

Need a fun video to provide the "hook" for this activity?  The Snowman Song is one of my FAVORITES to play before this activity.


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