Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY Foam 10 Frames

Do you have any 100 foam peg boards taking up space in your classroom?  I had 2!  Young children learn so much from working with 5 and 10 frames.  The added bonus here:  fine motor skill practice too! Here are some of the ways you can make 10 frames with these boards and ideas to use as the "pegs" if you do not have any.

Use the gradual release method to teach your students how to use these 10 frames.

Model using the 10 frames with your class during whole group instruction:  You do.

Pass out the 10 frames and their manipulatives to your students.  I put mine in a pencil zipper bag to make them easier to manage and pass out.  Students work in pairs as you call out numbers or number combinations.  Monitor your students and adjust instruction as needed:  We do.

Place the 10 frames and their manipulatives in a tub for children to use independently during math centers:  They do.

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