Monday, January 20, 2014

A Teacher's Dream

I have the privilege of seeing teachers from all over the United States as I present at conferences for educators.  And although we face some different challenges state by state, as a whole, the teachers that I see at my sessions deal with many of the same issues.  And despite the challenges, policies, evaluations, and everyday crisis that occur in their classrooms, these extraordinary educators make a valiant effort to continue their learning.  Why?  Because teachers care.  Teachers reflect.  Teachers never give up.  We may get tired.  We may feel overburdened.  Our classroom sizes may be large.  The paperwork may be never-ending. Our teaching budgets may be non-existent. Our students may come to us facing challenges that make learning to read seem trivial.  But teachers do. not. give. up. on their students.  They want them to succeed.  They want them to love to learn.  They want them to know that someone cares about them.  So today as I was reflecting on Martin Luther King Day and his famous "I Have a Dream" speech,  my mind drifted to the ever present spirit of our educators.  Many teachers will be teaching about this speech, Martin Luther King, the sacrifices he made for our country, and inspire their students to have their own dreams.  So tonight, I will have a dream for teachers.  For I know teachers have dreams too.


  1. Well put, Kathy!!
    Connie Anderson

    1. Thanks Connie for all that you do for your students. You are appreciated!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sylvia for stopping by my blog. Keep on doing all of the awesome things you do for your students.

  3. I love this Kathy, love it. I've taught kindergarten for eighteen years now, and NCLB was the first deliberate propaganda I experienced in my career. Parents were purposely frightened, and the subsequent emotions of distrust, defense and antagonism that tend to come into play when we're fearful were unleashed, pouring over everyone in our profession. I don't just dream of the day when teachers are viewed again honestly, and respected for all that we do. I work toward it every moment I spend with my Super Stars and their families.