Friday, November 8, 2013

New Blog Design and a FREEBIE

First, let's talk about the FREEBIE.  I like to keep my students moving and standing as much as possible throughout the day.  I am definitely not a "sit-at-your-desk" type of teacher.  Engaged children are happy children.  Happy children learn more.  I use pocket charts a lot for literacy centers and hang them on door handles of cabinets and other areas of my room to keep my students moving.  So I decided to do the same thing for math.  Here is a picture of the center.

5 Frames Option

10 Frames Option

Teach your students the Turkey Poem.  Choose either the 5 Frame Option or the 10 Frame Option, depending on your students' needs.  I use the gradual release to teach.

I DO:  I model how to use the Turkey 5 or 10 Frame Pocket Chart Activity.
WE DO:  I call up a student to help me work the problem together modeling along the way.  I continue calling up children to practice together and adjust my teaching based on our work together.
THEY DO:  The pocket chart is then used as a math center to reinforce working with combinations of 5 and 10.

When working on subtraction with a 5 or 10 frame, always begin at the end (right side) of a 5 frame and the end (bottom right side) of a 10 frame to "take away."  When adding, always begin at the left side (5 frame) and the top left side (10 frame).   Practice this process with your students during the "I DO" and the "WE DO" part of your lesson.

Want to do more?  Use cards to play the game.

 Draw a card.  Add the same number of turkeys (7).

Draw another card.  Place it beside the first.  Add the same number of turkeys (5). Students can orally say the number sentence or record it in their math journals. Now start brainstorming about all the different manipulatives that can be used with this math pocket chart.  Here is on example that I used around Halloween.

We used the above 10 frame for subtraction using cards.  We placed the number 10 card on the left side of the frame.  We drew a 2 and placed it on the bottom 10 frame.  That was the number we were subtracting from 10.  The answer is 8 (top), so we placed an 8 card to represent the number shown. 

The visual 5 and 10 frames help students "see" the number too. The possibilities are endless!  And how many of you have all of those calendar pieces and small notepad shapes just sitting in your drawers waiting to find a purpose in your classroom?  I know I have many! 
You can grab your FREEBIE HERE.

Check out my Flip the Five and Ten Frames Activity Packet.  It has 590 pages of math fun.  Thanks for visiting my blog and helping me celebrate my new blog design.


Click HERE to view this teaching packet.

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I am SO excited about my new blog design from Michelle at The 3am Teacher.
Michelle - The 3am Teacher - YOU ROCK!!! I LOVE MY NEW BLOG!


  1. You are too good to me!!! Seriously!!! Thank you so much and I LOVE that you LOVE your new design!!!

    Thank you so much!!!

    The 3AM Teacher

  2. LOVE the new look, absolutely fabulous! Love the poem and pocket chart activity too- perfect for developing mathematical fluency!

  3. Hi Kathy! I am so happy to have found your blog! I LOVE your new design! It is SO HAPPY. Your pocket chart for math is such a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  4. This is such an original and untraditional way of incorporating turkeys and Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing and linking up!

    Tales from Outside the Classroom

  5. This is a totally fabulous idea �� looking for ideas for my 5yo kindergarten guy. We are in Australia so if i use ninja turtles which he draws i should have a fun way to entertain him for a 14hr flight �� Thank you ��

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