Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Pete the Cat

With school returning, I wanted to share some anchor charts that I use for my students to highlight Pete the Cat books.  After all, who isn't a Pete the Cat fan?  If you haven't heard of Pete the Cat before, there will be a link at the bottom on this blog.  It is a must have for PreK-2nd grade.  In fact, our 4th grade reading buddies loved the blue cat with the great attitude.

We play I Spy "Pete's Nouns." The children name all of the nouns that we find in Rocking in My School Shoes.    They use the chart to locate the nouns in the book as a literacy center.  Younger students can just name the pictures or draw the nouns.  Older students can illustrate and write the words.
I love Rocking in My School Shoes because I always take my students on a walking field trip around the school the first two days.  This book is full of "verbs" that we do every day at school.  Make a list and then act out the verbs by playing "Pete's Charades."  Call on a student to acting out a verb from the story.  Have the other students guess the verb.  Take is a step further and brainstorm  a list of other verbs that you "do" at school. Are there different places you visit at your school that is not in the book?
And it all started here with I Love My White Shoes.  It doesn't get any better than this.  I think this is my "ALL TIME" favorite book with the easy predictable text and the wonderful moral at the end.  "It's all good" is my teaching motto.  When all of those crazy things happen on those first days of school, just look at your colleagues and end it with a smile and "It's all good."  And just for fun think of all the ways Pete and your students can "move" in their new school shoes.  After reading through the story and acting it all out, discuss ways to describe Pete's shoes.  Introduce those words as adjectives - describing words.  Then make a list of adjectives to describe their own shoes.  I'm sure their will be some shiny, glittery, colorful, blinking lights shoes in your classroom the first week.

Want another "I Spy" game.  Guess how many Common Core Language Standards were addressed in this blog? Many!  "It's ALL good!"

Here is a link to Pete the Cat books on Amazon.  Look towards the bottom of the page for all of the Pete the Cat books.
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  1. It is a must have for PreK-2nd grade. In fact, our 4th grade reading buddies loved the blue cat with the great attitude. http://www.schoolstream.com.au/school-websites/