Friday, August 2, 2013

Common Core Tunes to Teach Close Reading

Yes, I am a singing teacher.  If I can make up a song to teach a concept, that's what I do.  Here is FREEBIE on teaching young students about giving their opinion about a book that they have read or one that you have read to them.  We practice "talking the talk" before "walking the walk."  In other words, all students should have many opportunities to practice giving their opinion about a book, telling the class why, and citing specific examples from the book.  CLICK HERE to download this FREEBIE.

Use this page to display on an interactive whiteboard, Elmo, or digital projector.
The page can be printed to share in a whole group classroom discussion.
This is the student page that can go in a reading response journal.

This form is for 1st-2nd Grade students.  The students fill in the information, give their opinion, then list their reasons why citing specific examples from the text to support their opinion.

This form is for Kindergarten, 1st grade students, or students who have trouble writing their thoughts. Students can draw a pictorial representation, write words, or do both with this form. Students color in their opinion in the boxes provided.
 If you like the Opinion Reading Response FREEBIE,  check out my new packet for teaching other literature and informational text Common Core State Standards

All charts are designed to be mini-lessons to support the Literature and Informational Text Common Core State Standards.  The intent is for teachers to do a gradual release of learning.  Use these charts for whole group. 
Use these charts for whole group and small group practice.
Use these recording sheets as independent practice for your students to express their thoughts, ideas, connections,  details, and facts.
Click HERE to view the complete packet.  It's 54 pages and is $3.00.  But it is on sale for $2.40 through tomorrow August 2, 2013.

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