Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zoo Action Verb Dance

Are you ready to get your students moving on the first day of school.  Here is a clip of my new Zoo Action Verb Dance multimedia file and activity packet.  It's modified to the tune:  The Green Grass Grows All Around.  If you are familiar with the song, then you know it repeats over and over again.  The result?  Your students will get lots of movement, creativity, and dramatic fun while learning about action verbs.  Here are frequently asked questions:  Do you introduce your songs as you teach the concept.  Answer:  No, we "do" the songs all the time.  Our students need movement, laughter, and fun to make meaningful connections to learning.  So we sing everyday. We move everyday.  We dance everyday.  And then we connect it to learning as an integral part of our classroom curriculum.  When it comes time to do the "Verb" study, they've had so many meaningful connections, that it clicks.  They get it.  Here is the litmus test I use when doing a new activity.  Are they smiling?  Are they having fun?  If the answer is yes, then their brains are more receptive to learning and remembering.  What would you rather do on an "inservice" professional development day?  Listen to someone talk all day long (you can't have your cell phones out:-)? Or move around, try out the activities, and rearrange them in your room?  The multimedia packet comes with the Quick Time file to display on any interactive whiteboard, Smart Board, digital projector, or computer.  You can stop it along the way to focus on individual skills or animal movements.  You can work on phonics, letter sounds, rhyming words (what rhymes with fish?).  Then I have included an activity packet with the mp3 version of the song (for those that don't have the technology) and all of the animal cards to play the games.  

Check it out on TpT.  Click HERE.  It's on sale for the next 2 days.


  1. Very cute, love it! You are a creative genius- and a very busy lady :)

  2. Thank's Vanessa. Right back at you on the creative and busy part.