Sunday, July 28, 2013

Farm Action Verb Dance

I just returned from presenting at I Teach K, DI, PreK-1st Common Core Academy, and the Extraordinary Educators Conferences.  So what do I need to do now?  Upload all of my new multimedia files, song, and games to TpT.  That is a daunting task for anyone out there that is a seller.  Preview files, pictures, zip files, OH MY!!! So this evening I am celebrating the first multimedia file loaded.  Only 7 more to go! If you want a fun multimedia file to play on your Smart Board, Interactive Whiteboard, digital projector, or computer, then this is for you.  And the activity pack has sequencing cards, retelling cards, fun games such as "Farmer Says" and more.

Teaching nouns and verbs can be fun for our little ones if we keep the music, movement, and creativity in the mix.  This packet contains the multimedia file, activity pack, and mp3 song with many activities for practicing nouns and verbs.  Here is a brief clip of the Farm Action Verb Dance.  And it will be on sale through Tuesday, July 31st.  Stay tuned:  The Zoo Action Verb Dance is coming soon along with Superheroes to the Writing Rescue multimedia mini-lessons for spelling, capital letters, punctuation, ideas, personal narrative, and opinion writing.  And if tonight was any indication of how long it will take me to load them, there might just be a sale for each item I add.

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