Monday, May 6, 2013

Common Core Teaching Verbs in FUN Way!

Do you need a fun way to teach verbs to your students? How about giving them a brain break and letting them act out the verbs to this multimedia file? Your students will be marching, jumping, hopping, and laughing as they learn about verbs. And since learning verbs and their shades of meaning are important parts of the Common Core and Language, you can build their knowledge of what a verb is by "doing" them.  Here is a longer glimpse than I can show on Teachers Pay Teachers due to size limits from the animations.  
Click HERE to view on Teachers Pay Teachers.
Verbs covered in this song:
walk, jump, twist, dance, turn, ride, clap, hop, blink, stomp, laugh, wave, sing, kick, run, snap, cross, spin, twist, sit, and cheer

Check back all week as I will be loading many activities to go with this multimedia file plus I have 2 more versions (Zoo Action Verb Dance & Farm Action Verb Dance) to load to Teachers Pay Teachers.  Nana K has been busy with her new grandson, so I am playing catch up.  Like my page on Face Book and follow me on my store and blog for the latest updates.  If it doesn't get loaded by Wednesday for the Teacher Appreciation Sales, I will go ahead and discount it 30% off for 2 days from the time I announce it on Face Book and my blog, so check back in!

The multimedia file runs on Quick Time. You can show it on your digital projector, Smart Board, any Interactive Whiteboard, or computer.

Kathy Griffin (c) Copyright 2013.
All rights reserved.
For single classroom use only.
Multiple user versions or school licenses are available for an additional cost.


  1. This is very cute! You're very talented Kathy!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! You made my day and week. I love all of your ideas and creativity you share. My favorites are your pretend center ideas. I LOVE the pretend center.

  2. I was super excited to see you were a featured teacher-author on the TpT site. Congratulations! You deserve it! As you well know, I use your songs almost daily! Your songs are phenomenal! My kids love them!

    1. Yay! Thanks for letting me know Corinna. I always get excited when I see people I know as featured teachers on TpT. Are you ready for some new songs? Email me and you can try some out for being such an awesome customer:-)