Sunday, April 21, 2013

Writing Theme Poems

April is National Poetry Month, so I thought I would share or remind you of a free online resource to use with your students for writing shape poems.  is a website by the International Reading Association.  Depending on the age of your student, you can write classroom poems together or individually.

This is a step-by-step look at the easy process for creating a Theme Poem and works nicely into exposing your students to poetry as mentioned in the Common Core.
Here is a sample of the different themes.

Click HERE to go to the site.
To start, type in your name or student's name.

Choose a theme.
These are the shapes under nature. Click on the shape poem you want to use.

It will bring up this screen.  You can do this on your Smart Board or Interactive Whiteboard to model for your students.  Brainstorm words or phrases to use that describe a tree. Click on Continue.

The next screen brings up the word, phrases, or sentences you typed in the previous screen.  Choose a title for your poem. 

Type your words in the tree template arranging in the order that you choose.  Click on Finish.

That's it!  You just wrote a shape poem!

You can choose to print it to a printer or save as a PDF to your computer.
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  1. We love this Kathy! We have never seen this...thank you for sharing!!!☺

    Victoria & Tricia♥

  2. Awesome Victoria & Tricia! It's very easy to do and the students love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.