Monday, February 18, 2013

Dr. Seuss Fun Picture App

Read Across America is just around the corner.  Are you getting ready to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday too?  There's an app for that.  I love to take pictures of my students all dressed up as the "Cat in the Hat."  I used to spend hours having them put on an outfit along with a striped hat.   Then I would run down to the nearest Walmart and get them developed for a class book.  Sound familiar?  Now I just take their pictures using the Cat Cam App.  UPDATE: The app is now called Dr. Seuss Camera:  The Cat in the Hat Addition.  I've been using it since it came out a couple of years ago.  And it also works on my iPad.

As you can see the adults wanted to get in on the fun too.  This used to be my amazing media teacher.  I loved to listen to him read to my students.  He had a voice for every character, and we could listen to him all day.  Jay Pryor - you are such a fun teacher!!! The children loved your stories and I loved your humor.   Miss you!!!  Hope you are enjoying your new job.

This is one of my dear friends who taught for many years.  I had so much fun teaching with her too. Love you Ruthie!

Here is an example of how to use it on YouTube.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Common Core Math & Literacy Fun

This post will give you easy, fun ways to work with your students on cardinality, one-to-one correspondence, counting, odd-even numbers, addition and subtraction and with working on cvc words and spelling.  And you can use recyclable materials too!

How many of you love your Keurig Coffee Maker?  I do!  I was sorting out my coffee when all of a sudden I had a great idea of what to do with the little cups that are left over.  You know teachers turn trash into treasures don't we?  Here is just a small preview of what we've been doing.

Counting, Cardinality, One-to-One Correspondence, Putting Together, Taking Apart

1.  You can use these cups for counting by rolling a dice then counting out the cups.  Say your student rolls a 5.  Then that student would count out 5 cups.

2.  Put the cups in numerical order.

3.  After putting the cups in numerical order, divide the cups by odd and even numbers.

4.  Draw a domino and put the cups in order to make the number with 10's and 1's using place value. Bump up the level and roll 3 dice.  Use the cups to build 3 digit numbers.  Or roll 2 dice.  The first dice represents the tens number and the second dice represents the ones number.

5.  Use the cups to teach the counting on method.  Roll 2 dice.  Determine which dice is the larger number.  Put a cup to represent that number.  Use the second cup to represent the smaller number by using the side with dots.  Students say the number "5" and count up to six.

6.  Differentiate by having dots on one side and the numbers on the opposite side to provide the supports your students need.

7.  Make combinations of 5. Add using the dot side.  Use the the darker cups for addition and subtraction signs.

8.  Make fact families.  We turned it around to make a fact family using subtraction.

Flip it and finish the fact family of 5.
9.  Use a cookie sheet divided into 10 equal parts to create a 10 frame.  Put numbered cups in each frame.  Use for manipulatives on a 10 frame cookie sheet.  Roll a dice.  Subtract that many off of the 10 frame.

This student rolled a 2.  Teach them to start at the bottom right corner to subtract.  This will leave them with the answer.  Have them record their number sentence in a math journal.  

This student rolled a 5.  

10.  Use the cups to spell CVC words.  Programs the ending word family with the same color to help students remember the word family.  On the other side on the "n" cup, I have other letters such as "t" and "p".  Students can turn the cups around and build other words.

Students can stack the cups on top as they build more words.  How tall can they build their word tower?

Students continue making new words and recording them on a recording sheet or in a word book.

11. Have students use the cups as manipulatives to practice blending the sounds together to make words.  Students can push one cup forward at a time to blend the sounds.  Ex:  "m" "a" "t" = mat

12.  For fine motor practice, let your students play "stack the cups."  

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Common Core Valentine's Day Math

When you look at the Common Core State Standards in Math, working with 5 & 10 are focused standards of learning for kindergarten students.  These also allow 1st grade students to master working within 20.  I have created a fun Valentine's Day Math Game pack that addresses all of the above.  You can use it during guided math groups for teaching, reteaching, or as enrichment depending on where your students are along the continuum of learning.

Here are some sample pictures of the activity pack.
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