Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guided Reading Organization Forms

It's time for New Year's Resolutions.  Who wants to be more organized this year? ME!!! I made this form for my guided reading books.  I always have my notes in my lesson plans, but they are usually out of reach when I need them.  I wanted a quick way to look at the different skills covered in a book.  There are 4 forms on each page.  Cut out the forms and fill in the information about the book.  I put a rubber band around the sheet and my books.  When I pull my books for students the information is ready to go.  I write in the title of the book along with the reading level.  I then list different skills that can be covered from the book in the areas of  PA (Phonemic Awareness/Phonological Awareness), Phonics, Sight Words, Reading Strategies, Comprehension.  I also have a place to put comments.  Now when I pull my books I have a "ready to use" form that saves me time scanning through lesson plans.

Here is what it looks like when it is finished.  This makes it easy for a substitute teacher or teacher's assistant (we can dream:-) to use.

Here is another form that comes in handy for tracking my students growth in letter/sounds, phonemic awareness, and phonics skills.  Copy both sheets back to back and cut on the black lines,  It will make four separate two-sided forms.  Hole punch in the top corner and store them in mini-pocket folders.  Secure them with a ring holder. When I am working with a student and I notice they have mastered a skill, I mark it off on the mini-sheet.  They are small, portable, and easy to move to other groups, as children progress through the different skills. 

 Click HERE to download these forms.

Mini-Pocket Folders - I always have these laying around my classroom and home.  Finally found another use for them:-)
Thanks for stopping by!  Happy New Year!


  1. Finally! A name for my condition - Information Hoarder! That goes right along with my "Anti-Systematic Methodology Disorder."

  2. I figured I wasn't alone. Welcome to my club. Here's to a new year of cleaning out files.
    Can I join yours too:-)