Friday, October 12, 2012

Monster Reading & Math Fun

I love this time of year.  It's time for parent-teacher conferences, the children are settling into their routines, the weather is getting cooler, and next week is FALL BREAK.  I LOVE FALL!

One of my favorite units to do with my students is "Monsters."  We read all kinds of silly monster books, sing monster songs, and play monster games.

I've created a Monster Reading & Math Fun activity packet just in time for the festivities that await us during the last 2 weeks of October.  Our little ones are excited about Halloween, so this activity pack will fit right in with all of the fall fun.

 I've created 2 new books that should be easy to remember.  Monsters Everywhere is to "Oh My Darling Clementine."  This book has 2 sizes.  One 8 1/2 X 11 for whole group reading and a 1/2 size book for the children to put in their book boxes or to use as homework reading.  You can print the 1/2 size books front to back to save paper and print in grayscale to save on the color ink.  The other book is Our Silly Monster Book which is sung to "The Farmer in the Dell."  You can see a copy of my cute great-niece and great-nephew making their "BOO! Faces for my book.  The clip art is from  
I included a craft activity that focuses on shapes.  The students may use the monster pattern or they may create their own monster out of the shapes pages.  We used dot markers to paint our monsters.  If you use dot markers, make sure to copy the monster template on card stock.  Regular copy paper will curl when used with dot markers.  You can also copy the monster template on colored construction paper or card stock to make a bright bulletin board.  Use the words from Our Silly Monster book to place on the bulletin board.  The children will enjoy lifting the monsters' faces to reveal a picture of themselves.
I love to use pocket charts for building sentences and learning concept of print.  The cards for the pocket chart are color-coded to help young emergent readers build the sentences. The art activity can be made using the monster template or there is a blank sheet for the students to design their own monster.  Use the words from Our Silly Monster to highlight your bulletin board.  What fun for parents to open the monsters and see their children making "Boo Faces."   

BOO! It's me!

BOO!  It's me!

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