Saturday, September 29, 2012

Noise Level Control Anchor Chart

Ever have those days when the children just seem really loud?  You think to yourself . . . Full moon?  Barometric pressure?  Not enough caffeine?  No they are just loud.

This is a procedure I use in my classroom that includes a chant, motions, and a visual representation of what our voice level should be for different times of the day.

I start the chant by saying, "We're up here!"  And I put my hands up in the air.
The children then put their hands at the level they should be for the subject/activity and say, "We need to be here."

Outside Recess - Our voices are loud and we raise our hands above our heads to show that is the loudest our voice is.

Math Centers - Noise level is children busy, manipulatives quietly moving, but there is discussion amongst each other. Our hands are straight out in front of our shoulders representing our voice and noise level.

Literacy Centers or Reader's Workshop - Noise level is quietly working, on-task, whispering amongst each other as we complete our tasks.   Our hands go out by our knees representing where our voice and noise level should be.  The teacher needs to be able to hear the children who are working at the guided reading table.

Group Time - Noise level is off and we are using attentive listening.  Our hands point to the floor representing the lowest level of voice/noise level which is quiet - no talking.

This is the same version but just on a smaller one sheet chart.  I keep it close by to refer to as needed.
This is what it looks like on the wall.  I print the cards and tape them to a ribbon and hang from the wall.  I will sometimes have the student who is struggling the most stand by this wall and lead the chant.  And of course I always throw in my favorite quote from the Cat in the Hat:
Teacher:  It's fun to have fun.
Students:  But you have to know how.

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  1. I LOVE that quote! Such a good idea! I will be using that in my classroom!
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