Thursday, August 9, 2012

Superheroes to the Writing Rescue

I am really excited to announce a new packet that I have made for young writers.  I know the challenges teachers face when motivating young writers and reluctant writers to write stories.  And with all of the Common Core Standards being implemented into the early childhood classrooms (K-2), we need tools to help our children be successful and to motivate them. While watching one of the many "Superhero" movies that my husband loves so dearly, I thought, "We need SUPERHEROES in our classrooms too!"  Amazing how ideas just pop into teachers' heads!

What's more fun than being a superhero?  Being a Superhero Who Writes!  This packet contains the following:

9 "Everyday" Character Cards
2 Student Samples for Making Their Own Character Cards
7 Superhero Speech Bubble Rescue Cards Bright Blue
7 Superhero Speech Bubble Rescue Cards Star Border
7 Small Blue Pocket Chart Superhero Speech Bubble Rescue Cards
7 Small Pocket Chart Superhero Speech Bubble Rescue Cards
Without Border
5 Different Versions of Superheroes Training Camp and Checklist Conferencing Cards
1 Anchor Chart Superheroes Use Capital Letters
1 Anchor Chart Superheroes Use Punctuation
Directions for Making Reminder Conferencing Sticks
WOW and BAM Conferencing Sticks
Everyday - Superhero Switch Conference Sticks
Extra Blank Chart for Other Use

Click HERE to view it on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

My friend Stacee introduced me to a blog that shows how to make DIY Superhero Capes out of t-shirts and scissors. No sewing is required! Click HERE to get to the blog. Follow the directions for making very CUTE Superhero Capes. My suggestion is to use an old t-shirt as a practice run.  Lessons learned - I got so excited, I didn't read all of the directions.  After the first failed attempt, I made 5 in less than 30 minutes.  I am going to let the students wear the capes when it is time for "their writing conference with the teacher."  By School Day - Everyday Kiddos - with the Superhero Capes - Superhero Writers.

Thanks for stopping by!  Check back over the next few days.  I have 2 more packets that I am getting ready to post on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I am just waiting on the songs to be ready from the recording studio.  And hint, hint . . . one packet is for Listening Strategies to help children get "their wiggles out." The other one is a surprise.  Follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers and this blog so you don't miss out.

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