Sunday, April 29, 2012

Math Strategies and Anchor Charts

Here are some anchor charts that I post in my room.  There are not fancy, but serve as practical tools or places for children to use as an anchor for learning important math facts and strategies.  We focus on combinations of 5, 10, and double facts.  
How many ways can we make 5?  
Our Math Strategies Anchor Chart
Combinations of 5 Anchor Chart
Combinations of 10 Anchor Chart
Large Double Facts
Doubles Facts
We use our combinations of 5, combinations of 10, and double facts chart to play "Math Performance."  When we have an extra few minutes or transition time, I call on one of my students to come up to the front of group time and tell a math fact.  Sometimes I say which anchor chart or skill we are working on, and sometimes I let them choose.  It is always open ended.  They can use the anchor charts or create their own combinations.  For example:  If I say choose a combination of 10, the student can use the ones posted on the chart (10+0=10, 5+5=10, etc.) or one of their own (100-90 = 10, 5 X 2 =10).  It has really increased my students math facts memorization this year along with giving them more strategies. 

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