Saturday, February 18, 2012

Word Work with Post-it-Notes

Word Work Tip of the Week:  Add post-it-notes to your word work stations.  Encourage your students to make more words.  Your students will be motivated to write and write.
Portable Magnetic Word Family Word Wall
Students can remove a word family and take it to other stations for working with words.
Small Portable Word Family Walls
I make many small portable word walls.  These small word walls encourage my students to look for words they know to help them spell words with the same word pattern or word family.
Differentiate by adding post-it-notes to the center.  Students can make new words by adding blends, digraphs, suffixes, or prefixes.  They also can use the words in a sentence. When center time is over, students place their post-it-notes in their word books.   

Student samples of their post-it-note words and sentences.
Use the students' work samples as a guide for mini-lessons.  Ex:  takeing - teach student about taking off the "e" and adding "ing."

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