Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Take the "We Work With Words Challenge"

Take the word work challenge with our classroom!  We are keeping track of the number of words we read/spell during Reader's Workshop/Literacy Centers and are pushing ourselves to grow more dendrites in reading and spelling.  The goal for our class: To read and spell more words. We do not do traditional spelling tests at our school.  Instead, we provide lots of word work activities for our students to do including word sorts to look for patterns.  Our brains are pattern seekers, and my students are learning to find patterns everywhere, even in print.  As my class says, "Patterns, patterns, EVERYWHERE!"  Try this simple phrase with your students during whole group word work, reading, or anytime you are looking at print:  "What do you notice?"  Get a glimpse at what your students notice about words, how to break them apart, and how to put them back together.  If you want to join in on the challenge, leave your city, state and track the number of words your students read/spell daily, weekly, or by the month. Or just say, "We're taking the challenge!"  My students are ready for some competition.  How about yours?  Think of the learning that can take place.  My students write the number of words each day on a post-it-note and turn it in.  We add them together with a calculator during math stations.  Then we chart them on our board.  We have decided to make a Word Work Graph to track our progress.  I can't wait to hear from you, and your classroom's success.  You can show them this video clip to get them motivated.

Or you can also purchase the multimedia file "Word Work Chant" from my Teachers Pay Teachers store for the Smart Board, Interactive Whiteboard, or computer for $3.00.  Just want the song/chant/and rap version?  I have the mp3 at my TpT store for $1.00 and the book set for $2.00.

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