Sunday, January 8, 2012

Strategies for the Outlaw Words Activities

This blog post will continue to discuss word wall words that do not follow the typical phonics rules.  The following are some of the activities that I do with the song, books, and activity kit from the Outlaw Words:

These are the actual phrases from the song put in a pocket chart.  They are color-coded to match the words in the books and on the multimedia file for the Smart Board, IWB, and computer.  I used colors and short phrasing as a strategy for helping students remember these hard words.  "What do you want?"  is used as anchor to help the children keep track of where they are in the song.  
Large word walls serve their purpose in the early childhood classroom.  When you make smaller, more focused word walls, it helps students zone in on where to locate these words instead of scanning through 50-150 words on the big word wall.  My students have the song memorized so when they are writing in Writers' Workshop and want to write one of the Outlaw Words, they will sing the song, smile, and get up to go get the strip.  I tell my students that good readers and writers know where to find help and will look for those words in our classroom.  I also explain that after they locate and write that word many times, their brains will grow dendrites or make a connection and BAM!!! they will know how to read and write the word.  They like the BAM!!! part.

I also make 3 copies of the strips from the Outlaw Words Activity/Game pack to use during the song or multimedia file.  I pass the strips out to the students.  There are 34 words in the song with 12 phrases.  I pass out a phrase strip to each child (some get 2) and they stand up when they get to their line in the song.  If you have the "These are the Outlaw Words! strip, they will be standing up 12 times during the song. Keep that in mind when passing out the strips.  You want children who need more movement to have one of the strips closer to the bottom of this chart.  After we sing it the first time through, I have them switch strips with a friend, and we do it again.  The "what do you want" strip is the most popular and can cause some children to hold on tightly to that strip!


Outlaw Word Puzzle Set for Spelling CenterI put each line of the song into one plastic baggie.  Students spell one line of the song at a time. I provide a small anchor chart also provided in the activity pack to provide support for learning to read the words too.  The students memorize the song and use the visual color-coded supports to learn to read and spell the words.
Students draw 5 cards and place in the card holder.  I use a large clip chip from the Dollar Store and place 2 foam semi-circles together inside the clip.  This holds the cards in place making it easier to play the game.  Student asks another student if he/she has one of the words in his/her hand.  If yes, students gives him/her the card.  If no, student says, "STOP FREEZE!" and the other student draws a card from the extra pile.  Play continues when are cards are gone.  Player with the most cards wins.
These are 4 out of the 12 activities in the "Outlaw Words Activity/Game Pack" on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  Here are the links for the Activity Pack, Books, mp3 song, and multimedia file for the Smart Board, IWB, and computer.

Have fun and thanks for visiting my blog and checking out my TPT store. 

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