Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I've Been Working on My Silent e Rule Game & Activity Pack

I just loaded a new activity game pack to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to complement the song, multimedia file, and book set to "I've Been Working on My Silent e Rule."  So do you want to know my students' favorites right now?  They love "All Aboard" which is a version of Go Fish, "Toot Toot!" a version of Bang, and Build a Board Game.  On Build a Board Game, they use the cards to design a road first, and then begin the game.  When they finish, they can build the road a different way and play again.  Check back next week for more photographs of the games in my actual classroom.
This game pack complements the song "I've Been Working on My Silent e Rule" from my CD "Growing Dendrites with Kathy Griffin" (c) Copyright 2011. Use the games and activities during guided reading and literacy centers.  All of the game pieces are coded with a small picture in the right hand corner to help with management of pieces.  If one gets dropped on the floor (and we all know how often that happens), the students can match the cards to the games saving teachers valuable time.  Even the whole group activity "Making Words" are coded with pictures by word family.  If they get mixed up, have the children sort them by the picture, and you are ready to teach again.
I Can Read Fluency Cards for practice during guided reading groups. Pass out  a stack of cards to each child in your group.  Their goal is to read the card, put it in front of their stack, while I listen to them read the words.  If they are correct, I take the card.  If they read it wrong, I refer them to the song while they read it again.  I remind them the "e" reaches over the consonant and says, "Say your name!"  Works every time.   We then try to increase our speed, fluency, and accuracy.  I switch the stacks among the children to give them the chance to read all of the words.  The train clip art matches the books and multimedia file to help make a connection to the song.

Student version of "Making Words" with the silent e pattern.  The hand pointer is used to help decode the word.  They use the pointer, touch the e, reach over the consonant, and say, "Say your name, " then sound out the word.  I coded the cards by their spelling pattern (ake, ine, etc.) with a different color of train, so the children can sort the cards if they get mixed up in the pocket chart.  No more asking you what cards go where.  Just say, "Sort the cards by their train colors and start building words."

Here is a sample of the multimedia file I've Been Working on My Silent e Rule for the Smart Board, IWB, Digital Projector, or student computer.  Help your students learn the rule and apply to words with the silent e pattern.

Click here to view this on TpT. 
Click here to view the book set that complements this song.
Click here to see view the mp3 version.

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