Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Know My Vowels You Tube

I'm making my debut on You Tube to show how I use the multimedia files on the Smart Board or any Interactive Whiteboard.  My first video is dark so you can see the board better.  I will try to work on the quality of my videos over the next couple of weeks. If you load the multimedia file on your student computers, the students will use the mouse to click on the arrows and buttons to start, stop, or move the page of the song.

Today's blog will focus on the song "I Know My Vowels" from Growing Dendrites with Kathy Griffin (c) Copyright 2011.  These multimedia files work much better than Power Point files because you have more control over the file and the interactive writing on the board.

Multimedia File for the Smart Board, Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), or Computer

Teaching Points Page at the End of the Multimedia File
Use as a whole group activity or as a literacy station
I use the multimedia files during whole group phonics, but also as an independent literacy center during Readers' Workshop.  I let 2 students interact with the board at a time.  They take turns finding the vowels on each page.  To make it differentiated, my students also look for little words hiding in big words and different phonics patterns. They also practice writing the words or change them to make new words.  (Ex: a higher level student might take the 'k" off of the word "know" and change it to "now."  I always use the words, "What do you notice?"  This question is very powerful as it gives you great insight into what your students know.  Give it a try! 

You can purchase this multimedia file at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  
Want books for independent reading for your students' book boxes?  The listening center?  As a homework song folder? Purchase the book set at my TPT store.

While you are there, you can also purchase the mp3 version of the song to place in the listening center or on an iPod, and take a look at the I Know My Vowels Activity Game Pack with many games/activities to support the song. I have included a flag in this pack for your students to decorate.  My students carry their flag as they march around the room to the song or multimedia file.  We spin in a circle when the cheerleader spins. And of course, we cheer with the vowels too.  After the students get used to this activity, we bump it up and go on vowel hunts with our flags to use as an anchor support.  The students record their words in their word books. When we have made this a secure goal, I send the flags home with the students for a home-school connection.


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  1. That sure is a fun and entertaining way to learn your vowels. Watching the video actually refreshes my vocabulary. I like the part where every vowel is related to a particular expression. For example, the letter “I” sounds like when you’re scratching your nose. Impressive! ;)