Thursday, December 8, 2011

We Can Be Artists Too!

How many times do you hear your students say, "How do you draw . . . ?" or "I can't draw a  . . . ?"  Actually, as a teacher who was not blessed with the gift of drawing, I know how they feel.  I never know where to start.  I have discovered I can draw better when I follow step-by-step directions.  Do all children need this type of support?  No.  But many need strategies  that support how they visually represent an object.  And by giving that support, it actually empowers them to write more. Here is the link to the website that I found:

Our "How to Draw" steps printed from the Internet which helps the students connect to how we locate information to support our learning.

We viewed it on the Smart Board, and I drew at the same time as my students.  It's good for our students to see that we struggle in some areas and have strengths and weaknesses too.

Building Our Inquiry Wall

I use my students' illustrations to build our learning environment.  This strategy empowers them to be illustrators of their knowledge.  They take ownership and pride in our project while incorporating and encouraging the arts.

I love when "How to Draw" activities break it down into shapes that children can duplicate and draw.  Check out their drawings!  They are absolutely amazing for children who are 6 & 7 years old. To extend this activity, I printed out the step-by-step drawings and put in our writing center for the children to use as an anchor.  If they need support, they know where to find it.  

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